About Us

We are a small Bean to Bar chocolate company based in the Three Rivers Mall in Kelso, WA. We make all of our chocolate from cocoa beans that we roast, crack, winnow, and refine right in our own shop. Our shop also doubles as a restaurant within the mall food court.

We recently completed the purchase of 45 acres of tropical rain forest in the Central American/Caribbean country of Belize. Currently we are in the process of clearing the underbrush from a few acres of the land to prepare for planting our own cacao trees. The land has one acre already cleared and planted with mature cashew trees that we hope to soon get our first crop from. These are 30+ year old trees so have been producing long before we purchased the property. It is important to note that we are NOT clearing the land but only the under brush. We are leaving as many of the big trees as possible as these are very important to growing cacao as well as of course for the environment.